Break open the champagne!!!

Well, I started a blog…. never thought I would but I think it will be great to have.  There is no specific agenda here but you will probably see a lot about crafting and art here.  I might even talk about personal things, but who knows!!??

So here goes.  I have been doing Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) since about September 2015.  I joined the ATCsforALL website and have been going ever since.  I decided to use this as a way to learn now mediums and styles.  Currently have stepped out of my Spray Paint comfort zone to learn acrylics, watercolor, Zentangling (doodling), collage and much more.  Below are three cards I worked on last night.  These are 2.5″ x 3.5″ in size.


Well, that is all for my first post.  See you all soon!!